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We all know how important book reviews are and how difficult they are to get

So, what are your options? No reviews, unverified reviews, paying hundreds for just one review?  Nope! Because now there's Review Swapper!

Review Swapper is the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to take your book sales to the next level with verified reviews.


of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.


of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.

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Easily find books to review according to your interests.


Reach out in the Review Swapper app, chat & swap reviews!


We post your reviews on the sites that matter - where readers discover and buy books!


We notify you via text and email the moment your new reviews are posted.

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The more you engage and give reviews, the more visibility and attention you receive from other authors in the Review Swapper community.

Appear higher in the Review Swapper Rankings.

Earn badges that reward your achievements and set you apart

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"I had tried asking friends, relatives and co-workers to write a review for my book with little success. Within 1 month of joining Review Swapper, I've accumulated more reviews than in the past 2 years! This service delivers."

John B.

"Another author from our book club mentioned Review Swapper as a new site where authors are rewarded for being ambitious. He was correct, in 2 weeks I already have 7 verified reviews and I've just begun."

Jane M.

"For years I'd been searching for a company or service that could help increase my number and quality of reviews. While there are a few so-called review services, they were all detrimental to my book. What I discovered with Review Swapper is a site where real authors congregate to find other authors in need of more reviews. It's simple and brilliant."

Steve L.

" Review Swapper works as promised. Within days I had authors buying my book and reviewing it with valuable verified, cogent reviews. This new site is truly disruptive and long overdue. I'm telling every author-friend I know."

Melissa A.


Is there a limit to how many reviews I can add?

No. During our “ Beta” launch, you are able to contact as many other Review Swapper members as you like. Beta is only here for a few months, so get active and grow your review count.

How long does it take to see my new review?

The timing will depend on the agreed upon time limit you and other members set. Once reviews are submitted, they are subject to the vetting, posting timelines of each site. Typically, reviews post within 24-48 hours of submission to most sites.

Is there any guarantee that I will get a favorable review?

No. Site members that review your product/service will give honest reviews, good or bad.